Overdrive RSM4 - Tire Truing Machine


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The RSM4 provides the solution for tyre truing required by dedicated slot racers. It eliminates the disadvantages encountered with conventional tyre truing methods.

The RSM4 tire truing machine is the only machine which allows to true tires on original Scalextric, Carrera and other axles as well as aluminium wheels like slot.it

and others.

The RSM4 hast now the additional feature to adjust the swivel arm.

The RSM4 requires a 6-12V power unit with min. 3 A.

Using the RSM you will:

- True tyres on the rims they will be used on.

- True wheels on the axles which they will be used with.

- Maximise concentricity of tyres, wheels and axle.

- Reduce the load on slot car motor and gears.

- No more broken rims due to incompatible tyre truer axles.

- Wheels are rounder and cars are quieter!

The RSM4 caters for all types of tyre material: Rubber, Urethane, Sponge/Foam and Silicone.

The RSM4 provides the basis for true round tyres/wheels to the experienced slot racer as well as the novice.

Tire truer includes:

1 Pulley for axles up to 2.5mm

1 Swivel arm for standard axles

1 Grinding Block incl. 120er sanding paper

1 1.5mm Hexwrench

Additional items not included:

Pulley for axles up to 3 mm

Swivel arm incl. ball bearings for 2.38mm and 3mm axles

Swivel arm for Carrera D124 axles


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